What a long time since our first hopes of social events. In that time we’ve had some great evenings, bingo and disco, cabaret…. and there’s more to come. Please come along and get involved.


This is an exciting time for the club as the refurbished courts have given a new impetus to the club’s future. I’m Lil Dye and I’ve taken over as the minder of the website. I thought it would be a lovely place for people to share special things about the club. I’m fairly new to membership, having been convinced by my husband, Brett to become more active in the club socially, if not as often as he does, physically. I’ve been impressed by the love and passion people have for the club and if you’d like to share your memories or give a shout out to anyone, please let me have the information at


Tricia Smith sent me a lovely email telling me of her memories when receiving an award. I haven’t told her yet, but it was such a lovely memory to share, I’ve added it as our first memory. What an achievement!

In 2018 (for 2017) I won an award In recognition of services to British Tennis and being selected as a National Finalist at the 2017 British Tennis Awards, Outstanding Achievement Award.

I think Joyce won it several years before me, and Trevor won it more recently, but was unable to go to the day at Wimbledon, which was a great shame.

It was wonderful too, as first I won Cornwall, then the South West Region, but didn’t win the National award, but only 3 were selected for the short list for the National award.  However, I have trophies from the first 2, plus Julian and I were welcomed as VIP guests to an international tournament in Portsmouth, when I was asked to present one of the prizes. Then we had an absolutely superb day at Wimbledon (with a night’s accommodation), when we had a VIP lunch, met lots of tennis celebrities, had a chat with Judy Murray, had a cream tea, and 2 free seats on Centre Court!!  Something we will both remember for ever.  But I have to thank whoever wrote the recommendation, as they must have really sung my praises!

Thank you for bringing the memories back so vividly!


A Southampton visitor to this weeks tournament let us know how much he was enjoying being at the club, that he’d enjoyed the Presidents meet very much and wants to say a great big thank you to everyone. Isn’t it great to have such lovely feedback!