Could you support Penzance Tennis Club by becoming a sponsor?

Penzance Tennis Club could offer potential sponsors:

  1. Sponsored days at the Club (American Tournaments, Charity days, School days)
  2. Small tasteful and discreet advertising on the courts (net posts, post cushions etc)
  3. Larger advertising on the premises (within the Club)
  4. Sponsored days at the Club. Team building exercises including tennis coaching, pilates, general fitness, Cardio tennis, guest speakers, lunch etc
  5. Offer to display/distribute sponsor brochures from our spinner in hall
  6. Sponsors advertising banner on our website
  7. During our larger tournaments have a sponsor’s stand/banner/flyer on the premises, with sponsors representative
  8. Penzance Tennis Club to supply regular pictures of our teams/events etc, to sponsor and use sponsor name in press releases, articles, promotional material, school promotions (inc. club literature, newsletters, brochures, entry forms, flyers, mini tennis invitations)
  9. Sponsor name on page footer of Tennis Club stationery
  10. Offering free club and club room hire for business meetings, entertainment, corporate tennis tournaments, coaching, fitness sessions
  11. Junior, Vets and Senior Open and closed tournaments invite sponsor representative to present prizes etc.
  12. Changing rooms –  sponsors emblems on the changing/disabled room doors

Sponsors could offer Penzance Tennis Club:

  1. Sponsored vehicle for coach(es)/lease arrangements
  2. Offer prizes at tournaments, sponsor emblems, badges, goodies, general provision of quality raffle prizes when required
  3. Discount off/enhanced terms for sponsors merchandise
  4. Clothing for teams, coaches, support staff and eventually even for club members to purchase from the office – all in high quality sponsor branded clothing
  5. Sponsorship of the Mini Tennis programme, scholarships, tournaments, School link programmes – all linked to sponsors brand/image
  6. Sponsorship of adult singles league (name on trophy, winner gets sponsor merchandise)
  7. Sponsorship of tournaments
  8. Sponsor branded umbrellas and cushions for outdoor furniture