Outstanding Achievement Award for Tricia Smith at the British Tennis Awards!

We are delighted to announce that Club Member and Honorary Treasurer Tricia Smith, has been awarded an “Outstanding Achievement Award” at the 2017 British Tennis Awards, in recognition of Services to British Tennis and being selected as a County Winner.

Tricia became a playing member of the club in 2010 and soon after volunteered to become the Honorary Treasurer bringing her accounting expertise to the role. Since then Tricia has compiled a thorough and accurate Financial Report every single month from complex data. The Role Profile for the Honorary Treasurer asks the holder to commit to 2 to 3 hours per week throughout the year carrying out the duties of the post. Tricia has worked far in excess of that commitment and it is no exaggeration to say she sometimes spends several hours a day pursuing the interests of the club – all as a volunteer! Her services would cost thousands of pounds per year on the open market.

Her contribution does not stop there. Tricia is ever present to welcome new players to the club and introduces them to other members at the weekly social tennis sessions helping them to quickly embed themselves as members. Tricia has run several fun tennis tournaments at the club some of which have been held on New Years Day. Tricia, together with her partner, has also been providing bridge lessons for free to club members as an extra activity adding an extra dimension to the social life.

Tricia further enhances the experience of members by captaining tennis teams in the local winter and summer league. She has been keen to encourage and motivate junior players by selecting them to play for her teams and organises travel for them to attend matches. Her main ethos is to give the less confident or nervous new players the opportunity to participate and enjoy playing tennis as part of a team.

Trevor Newborn, Club Chairman commented “Tricia is the epitome of an ‘unsung hero’. Her contribution to the life of the club goes unrecognised by many. Yet, by contrast, her impact has been profound, ensuring the professional, sound, financial management of the club and consequently the promotion and enjoyment of tennis at this site by those across the region and beyond. Her legacy will be felt for many years by the club and all of its users because of her outstanding achievement”.

Well done Tricia!