Exciting finals day for Club Championships and the Triple for Frances Heale!

The Penzance Tennis Club Championships commenced on Sunday 2nd September with a round robin mixed doubles and there were some closely fought matches in the ladies and men’s singles and ladies and men’s doubles throughout the week. The weather was kind for the finals day on Saturday and the watching spectators were treated to some wonderful tennis! The results were as follows:

Men’s Singles Winner – Sam Newborn (6-4, 6-7 t/b 10-7)
Men’s Singles Runner Up – Tomasz Helman
Ladies Singles Winner – Frances Heale (6-3, 6-2)
Ladies Singles Runner Up – Amelia Kitchen
Men’s Doubles Winners – Sam Newborn & Dave Forrest (6-4, 6-2)
Men’s Doubles Runners Up – Tomasz Helman and Dave Murthwaite
Ladies Doubles Winners – Frances Heale & Bryn Heale (6-2, 7-6)
Ladies Doubles Runners Up – Holly Drew and Arielle Fitkin
Mixed Doubles Winners – Frances Heale & Viv Heale (6-0, 6-1)
Mixed Doubles Runners Up – Amelia Kitchen & Dave Murthwaite

Ladies Singles Champion – Frances Heale

Men’s Singles Champion – Sam Newborn

Ladies Doubles Champions – Bryn Heale and Frances Heale

Men’s Doubles Champions – Sam Newborn and Dave Forrest

Mixed Doubles Champions – Frances Heale and Viv Heale