Covid-19 Update

Penzance Tennis Club – Covid-19 Update for Members

The tennis club premises, including the courts and the clubhouse, remain closed.

Currently intermittent checks are being made to: ensure security, perform essential maintenance, collect mail, process subscriptions, etc. Emails sent to are being monitored at intervals, although not daily, bear with us.

The Finance subcommittee had an online meeting this week to agree some emergency measures that are needed in response to the current situation as detailed below.

Membership Subscriptions 2020/21

First of all, we would like to say thank you to all those members who have already paid their subscriptions. Others may have set up standing orders to pay over 3 months, and they may wish to continue with this. At this moment in time, we have decided to offer the following options to all members who have already paid, or who might want to still pay (if you can please do!).

These members at the present time will be offered either:
(i) an extension to their membership into the 2021/22 year,
(ii) a reduced fee for next year based on the proportion of the playing year missed, or
(iii) the option to donate any excess paid to Penzance Tennis Club, with the possibility
of adding Gift Aid (25%) to this donation if they are taxpayers.

We will continue to have meetings as necessary and make more decisions based on firm knowledge and advice.

50/50 Club

We have decided that the start of the 50/50 Club will be delayed, probably until 1 July 2020, with entries to be received by 30 June 2020, or possibly later if life has not returned to normal by then. Anyone who has already paid will be automatically entered into the 50/50 Club as, and when.


The Club will have the opportunity to, and will, apply for grants, etc., under the Government and Local Council schemes as they are rolled out.

We hope all members are fit and well and that we can all resume playing tennis again as soon as possible. Please remember ‘SUPPORT YOUR CLUB IF YOU CAN the bills still have to be paid!’

Meanwhile have you checked out Penzance Tennis Club coaching online? Our coaches at Penzance Tennis Club are working together to launch our YouTube channel IV Tennis Coaching. Each week they are going to be posting a variety of videos with tennis lessons and activities you can do at home. You can access our channel by clicking on the link below.
PZ TC YouTube channel or via our website

Trevor Newborn
Chair, Penzance Tennis Club