On this page you will find information about all the tournaments happening at Penzance Tennis Club.

Junior Tournaments

Penzance Tennis Club will be hosting one of the premier tennis tournaments in Cornwall. 

We will be running the following Grade 3 events: 

8U Boys Singles 22/08/2019
8U Girls Singles 22/08/2019
8U Mixed Singles 22/08/2019
9U Boys Singles 20/08/2019
9U Girls Singles 20/08/2019
9U Mixed Singles 20/08/2019
10U Boys Singles 19/08/2019
10U Girls Singles 19/08/2019
10U Mixed Singles 18/08/2019
12U Boys Singles 21/08/2019
12U Boys Doubles 21/08/2019
14U Boys Singles 18/08/2019
14U Boys Doubles 18/08/2019
16U Boys Singles 21/08/2019
16U Boys Doubles 21/08/2019
18U Boys Singles 18/08/2019
18U Boys Doubles 18/08/2019
12U Girls Singles 21/08/2019
12U Girls Doubles 21/08/2019
14U Girls Singles 18/08/2019
14U Girls Doubles 18/08/2019
16U Girls Singles 21/08/2019
16U Girls Doubles 21/08/2019
18U Girls Singles 18/08/2019
18U Girls Doubles 18/08/2019
Open Mixed Doubles 20/08/2019
Open Mens Singles 20/08/2019
Open Mens Doubles 20/08/2019
Open Womens Singles 21/08/2019
Open Womens Doubles 21/08/2019

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The Whirlwind Mini Tour is a fantastic way of engaging young players with exciting competition. The Tour encourages players to enjoy playing against other local tennis players in a fun, competitive environment. The Whirlwind Mini Tour circuit of events helps young players learn how to play matches and gain valuable experience.

Penzance Whirlwind Tournaments